Bicycle Stands

Bicycle Stands – Modern designs for urban enviroments


The FinBin® Bicycle Stands are timeproof products for everyday use. Stands are made for weather resistant materials and structures are designed to last. The FinBin® Bicycle Stands can be found solutions for one bicycle to large fence combinations.

Treo Bicycle Stands

Treo Bicycle Stands

FinBin TreoTREO series includes a modular bicycle stand and fence system. Eaysy to find right solution for every need. Solid tube frame structure and weather resistant materials. Modular system consists of posts, fence and bicycle racks.

U-2 Bicycle Stands

U-2 Bicycle Stands

FinBin U-2U-2 is a simple and solid bicycle stand for one or two bicycles. Two standard sizes but the lenght of the bar can be customized. Standard options are stainless steel, powder coated or hot-dip zinked. Fixation either on the ground surface or embedded under the ground.

Classic Bicycle Stands

Classic Bicycle Stands

FinBin ClassicThe FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand is a traditional bicycle stand. It provides solid parking for bicycles. Arched stands are either embedded into concrete or it can be a freestanding model where stand arches are fixed on the L-steel frame. Arched stands next to each other are on different heights to provide easier bicycle parking. Solid parking structur and weather resistant materials.

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Classic Bicycle Stand 4

FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand 4 - Traditional bicycle stand for four bicycles.

Classic Bicycle Stand 5

FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand 5 - Traditional bicycle stand for five bicycles.

Classic Bicycle Stand 6

FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand 6 - Traditional bicycle stand for six bicycles.

Classic Bicycle Stand 8

FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand 8 - Traditional bicycle stand for eight bicycles.

Classic Bicycle Stand 10

FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand 10 - Traditional bicycle stand for ten bicycles.

Classic Bicycle Stand 12

FinBin® Classic Bicycle Stand 12 - Traditional bicycle stand for twelve bicycles.

Treo Bicycle Stand, Embedded Post

FinBin Treo Bicycle Stand, embedded post - Bicycle stand for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 bicycles with embedded post.

Treo Bicycle Stand, Flange Post

FinBin Treo Bicycle Stand, flange post - Bicycle stand for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 bicycles with flange post.

Treo Bicycle Stand, Wall Mounted

FinBin Treo Bicycle Stand, wall mounted - Bicycle stand on the wall for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 bicycles.

Treo Bicycle Stand, Fence Stand

FinBin Treo Bicycle Stand, Fence with bicycle stands - Stand for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 bicycles.

U-2 Bicycle Stands, Flange Post

FinBin U-2 Bicycle Stand, flange post - Arch stand for bicycles.

U-2 Bicycle Stands, concrete embedded

FinBin U-2 Bicycle Stand, concrete embedded - Arch stand for bicycles.

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