Finbin®Care is an application for the managing of urban furnishing and to efficiently maintain a pleasant urban environment.


FINBIN® Care is a mobile application that connects the users of a public environment, property owners, maintenance management and service providers. It is an online channel to make maintenance calls, manage the maintenance and to keep inventory of the urban furnishing.

Furnitures are equipped with individual NFC/QR tags. By reading the tag with a smart phone, the user is connected to the communication page where information about the condition or defect on the furniture can be sent directly to the responsible service operator. The announcement feature can also be enabled for public use, which increases communality.


The service operator can follow and manage the maintenance request and assignments in a cloud based system. The resource and inventory data base can manage the basic information about the urban furniture, the location on the map, maintenance announcements and assignments, schedule periodic maintenance tasks, provide information about the responsible maintenance departments etc.


FINBIN® Care is using gps positioning technology. Urban furnitures equipped with NFC/QR tags can be registered in the system by using a smartphone. At the same time, the location information can be saved into the system. If for some reason the location is changed, the new location can be saved into the system easily by using a smartphone.


FINBIN® Care is a smart and easy management system for urban furnishing but the flexible system can also be used for inventory and tracking of other products and equipment.


FINBIN® Care is an excellent tool for cities, property management and maintenance companies and other service providers who are managing the maintenance of a large number of urban furnitures: benches, waste bins, light bollards, bicycle stands, bin shelters, playground equipment etc.

FINBIN® CARE  integrates mobile and NFC/QR technology to urban furnitures

  • Cloud based system does not require software installations on a smartphone or computer
  • Monthly fee, based on the system features (positioning, inventory data, maintenance announcements) and the size of the inventory   


Management of resource data:

  • types of resources, names and images
  • responsible parties and persons
  • manufacturing/installation date 
  • positioning on the map by a smartphone
  • scheduling of periodic maintenance and
  • maintenance announcements with a possibility
    to attach an image taken by mobile phone
  • maintenance assignments directly to email
  • follow-up of assignments 
  • possibility to open the announcement system
    for public use

Management of inventory:

  • invetory lists
  • assignment lists, follow-up and delegation
  • map view of the inventory
  • easy to add, change and remove resources
  • type-specific standardized announcement
    options for different resources enables
    instant messaging
  • mass editing of the inventory data
  • different user rights for different organisation levels
  • inventory management possible, both by mobile device or by computer  


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