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Kista Galleria Shopping Center​, Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Dubai Metro​, United Arab Emirates






Kista Galleria Shopping Center, Sweden

Recycling bins at Sweden’s largest shopping center





Stylish and functional litter bins to meet the waste collection, recycling and image building needs of a large, high standard shopping center in a cost-efficient way.


Starting point

Kista Galleria was renovated and enlarged by 24,000 m2 in 2009. A new recycling bin solution was needed to serve 60,000 daily visitors. FinBin was already the supplier of cleaning services for Kista Galleria.



FinBin Bermuda Triple recycling litter bins make it easy for customers to sort different waste fractions at the source. The waste fractions are collected at Kista Galleria’s own recycling center for further handling.


Efficient waste collection and cleaning package

Kista Galleria is a modern, clean and environmentally conscious shopping and entertainment center of about 56,700 m2.  The selected recycling bin solution serves customers of 180 shops, restaurants and other services 362 days a year.


"The biggest advantage for us is less littering on the walkways and wastebaskets that blend nicely into the environment. This gives our visitors a better service experience. Our litter bins are naturally self-extinguishing, which removes the risk for trash fires. We see this as a positive value, too.”

Jens Gösbeck, Galleria Manager, Kista Galleria


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Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

Safe recycling bins at Sweden’s largest international airport





Designed recycling bins to support the modern image and enable safe and effective waste collection at an international airport.


Starting point

Traffic and passenger services at Arlanda Airport have been growing continuously. Earlier, the waste bins have been selected case by case along the building or renovation of the terminals and other areas. At the security check points there was a need for larger safety waste baskets to collect e.g. forbidden liquid containers from hand luggage.



Recycling litter bins from FinBin Bermuda Series unify the interior image and make it easy for passengers to sort different waste fractions. Alltogether about 70 Bermuda 80’s, Doubles and Triples are in use in terminals 2, 3 and parts of terminal 5 as well as in Arlanda’s shopping area Sky City. Larger, customized Bermuda bins are being tested at the security checkpoints.


Design waste bins keep passengers and cleaners happy

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest international airport in Sweden with close to 20 million passengers per year. It is owned, operated and developed by a state-owned company Swedavia which manages altogether 11 airports in Sweden.


"Uniform interior designs are a part of the pleasant service experience we want to create for air-passengers. We chose FinBin Bermudas because they look nice, suit perfectly to our Nordic interior designs and enable recycling at the source. Cleaning of fingerprints is easy because the stainless steel material is protected with special coating, and the bins are relatively easy to empty. Different compartments and recycling guidance helps to keep paper, PET bottles and general waste separated. The litter bins are also self-extinguishing, which is a very important safety aspect for us. We have now experience of FinBin Bermudas for about a year. I can warmly recommend them for passenger terminals.”

Martin Nordefors, Swedavia’s Terminal Coordinator, Stockholm Arlanda Airport


Security control has special needs for waste collection

The aviation security regulations mean that a lot of prohibited items are handled and dealt with at the airports’ security check-points.


Today for instance, the volume of liquid bottles and cans to be left behind prior to and in connection with the security controls are very high. This waste must be managed well in order to avoid security and hygiene problems.  We realized that larger, lockable FinBin Bermudas could solve this issue. They also continue the same waste bin look and feel that passengers have seen and that is used in other parts of the terminal system. Together with FinBin we created a capacious model with four different compartments with recycling signs. The first “Super” Bermuda is in test use since January 2012. So far I have been happy with the bins and the quick modification service we have got from the company.”

Jane Ringstedt, Swedavia’s Security Equipment Coordinator, Stockholm Arlanda Airport


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Dubai metro, United Arab Emirates

Innovative litter bins at “five star” underground stations





Stylish litter bins to meet the high visual standards and discrete waste collection needs of modern underground stations.


Starting point and solution

Dubai metro’s first phase was built in 2009 to solve the increasing traffic challenges of the capital with more than 2.2 million inhabitants. By that time it was the longest fully-automated metro line in the world. Uniform litter bin solution FinBin Ellipse 100 belonged to the ambitious interior design plan of the first 29 stations of the red metro line reaching 52.1 km from Al Rashidya to Jebel Ali.


The design and quality of FinBin Ellipse bins together with their perfect match with the rest of the interior design fittings were crucial elements in the decision making. The optimal solution was customized together with the UK based interior fitting supplier.


The “five star” metro is one of the prides of the capital, with luxurious and clean interiors. Dubai’s metro includes today two lines, 47 tastefully decorated stations and 75 km of tracks, serving 1.2 million passengers a day.


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