Novus 80 double sided

Novus 80 double sided


Novus comes in four sizes. The three largest models are also available as double-sided bins. Novus features a large aperture, which makes it more comfortable to use. The Novus 80, 120 and 200 models can also be equipped with a side-mounted ashtray. Combi ashtrays and recycling racks for bottles and cans are available as accessories for all models.

Novus features a durable frame, a hinged, lockable door and a galvanised liner. The inclined, convex lid helps remove water and snow off the bin and prevents users from leaving rubbish on top of the bin.


Novus is a stylish, durable and practical litter bin that is suitable for use in streets and parks as well as in various indoor facilities, such as shopping malls, halls, government agencies, office spaces and reception areas. Novus can be converted into a double-sided litter bin and can accommodate an ashtray or a recycling rack for beverage cans.

Technical Information

Product number


Measurements (Ø*h)

360*930 mm


25 kg


80 l, galvanised liner 50 l


Powder coated galvanised steel and sst EN 1.4304


2 mm


Stainless steel, Finbin Black 1945 (strucktured), RAL6005 / 7024 / 9005 / 9006 / DB703 (textured)


Yrjö Ojanen


Lehtovuori Oy, Finland


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