Treo Bicycle Stand, Fence Stand

FinBin® Treo Bicycle Stand, Fence Stand


FinBin® Treo Bicycle Stand, Fence Stand for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 bikes.|/br>

TREO Fence with bicycle stands consists of the following components:
- End/middle post, 1300 mm, to be embedded on concrete.
- Fence bars 1230/1645/2055/2470 mm
- Bicycle racks 1230/1645/2055/2470 mm
- Bicycle racks on one or two sides of the fence.
- Maximum sloping of the grounds is 100 mm on the total lenght of a fence set. When sloping exceeds 100 mm on the total leght of a fence set the posts are designed according to the height difference.

Fence for 8 or 10 bikes are with one middle post.


The FinBin® Treo Bicycle Stand provides solid parking for bicycles.

Technical Information

Product number


Measurements (mm):
Lenght 4/5/6/8/10 bikes
Height of the post (visible height)
Diameter of the post
Total depth (Total depth two sided)

1300 (900)
400 (800)


Plain hot-dip zinked steel or powder coated


RAL 3011/6012/7024/8019/9005



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