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The Finbin® Modul recycling outdoor storage sheds for recycling bins are manufactured in Finland. The high-quality modular bin shelter covers are adaptable and easy to use. The design of Finbin® Modul recycling bank and bin shelters is simple and sleek, making them a suitable fit for many environments. The chute of the bin shelters operates with gas springs. The special hinges make it possible to open the door even in the event of snow blocking access, for example. 

Modul bin shelter

The Finbin® Modul bin shelters are equipped with a stylish and durable aluminium plate panelling as a standard feature. This model is compatible with 2 x 240-litre, 2 x 360-litre or 1 x 660-litre recycling bins.

Modul XL recycling shed

The Finbin® Modul XL recycling shed fits three 240-litre waste containers or one 240-litre and one 660-litre waste container.

Modul Maxi recycling shed

Finbin® Modul Maxi, the most cost and space efficient large recycling shed on the market, fits two 660-litre waste containers.

Bin and Recycling Bank Shelters – Durability and Cost Efficiency

Finbin® is a trademark for high quality. We have helped our customers to develop urban environments since 1945. Finbin® products have been delivered to over 45 different countries.
The Modul bin shelters are made in Finland. Modul bin shelters are highly cost-efficient recycling sheds due to their durability, easiness to use and adaptability.
The name Modul refers to the modularity of the recycling outdoor storage sheds. The Modul bin shelters are easy to attach to one another from the sides of the shelters. By using the Modul bin sheds, you can create a stylish recycling bank of as many waste containers or recycling bins as required.
Our Modul products are manufactured by using modern production machinery and techniques. Our own paint shop finishes the look of your Modul recycling shed by ensuring a controlled surface treatment process.

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