The colors of your city

We listened to our customers' needs and created a versatile standard color range, which makes the design of urban furniture even more inspiring and easier.

Finbin Standard colours

We have expanded our color palette to offer more options for various design needs. The standard color range of Finbin is designed to emphasize different moods and visual effects in urban environments. In the updated selection, the old familiar classic colors are complemented by muted shades that harmonize with the most common façade colors, as well as brighter and bolder options.

Structured Colors

Finbin Black 1945 is Finbin's own stylish, design-enhancing, and lightly metallic shimmering textured color. This color is designed for more carefree use, as dust and dirt are less visible on it. Additionally, you can find gray and beige tones in the range of textured paints.

The colors of your city

The updated standard color range offers a wide spectrum of colors, whether you are designing a modern urban landscape or a traditional urban environment. From us, you will always find the right color to complement your vision.

Color of the Year

We want to always provide designers with the best possible tools to create urban environments that stand out and feel current. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we now also have an option that follows Pantone's Color of the Year as part of our selection. The color for the year 2023 is Viva Magenta, for which we have chosen the RAL color chart shade RAL 3027 Raspberry Red as its equivalent.

Combine with wood surfaces

For Finbin products, there are three different shades of pine wood surfaces to choose from: heat-treated pine, translucent pine, and translucent oak. Heat-treated pine creates a modern and durable look, while the shades of translucent pine and oak bring out the natural beauty of the wood. With these different wood surfaces, you can mix and match various colors, creating the exact ambiance and visual appearance you desire for the urban environment.

Choose from three different shades

Translucent Oak
Heat-treated Pine
Translucent Pine

The colors displayed on the computer screen are created digitally and do not fully match the actual color models. Various factors, such as the surface and gloss of the material as well as the surrounding lighting, affect the perception of color.