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CitySolar is the most powerful smart bin compactor on the market. Powered by solar energy, the CitySolar compacting bin compresses and stores the same amount of refuse as twenty traditional 60-litre street bins.  CitySolar fits a standard 120 or 240-litre wheeled litter bin that can be emptied with the container tipping device of a waste truck. The CitySolar wheelie bin compactor automatically reports accurate fill level information to waste management.

CitySolar Smart Bin Compactor

CitySolar is the only compressing smart bin with an inner container that is compatible with the regularly used plastic waste containers without making separate adjustments. Waste trucks can easily empty the container by using the emptying function – no add-ons are required.



Similar SmartBin solutions
Over 1200 litres of compacted wasteYES
Some only
Patented filling level measurement, eliminates false fill-in reportYESNo
2 different capacities available in one SmartBin: up to 600l / 1200 lYES
Some only
Fire-safe materials constructionYES
Some only
Ability to change from 120L to 240L depending on preference or seasonal needsYESNo
Made from corrosion free materialsYES
Some only
Designed and tested to fully function in limited light availability such as Nordic countriesYESNo
Use of standard product such as 240L wheeled binsYES
Some only
Ease and cost efficient maintenanceYESNo
Opening foot pedal as standardYES
Some only
Different colour options availableYES
Some only
Can it be emptied by mechanical means such as modern trucks or by manual handlingYES
Some only
FinbinCare-cloud service for the asset management and emptying reportsYES
Some only
City planning and waste management optimization according to the usage data in FinbinCareYESNo

The Leading Smart Bin of the Nordic Countries

The CitySolar smart bin is a waste-compacting bin that is powered by solar energy and contains patented technology. The capacity of the wheelie bin compactor is twice as large compared to most smart bins.

The unique compression system significantly decreases both the operating costs and the carbon footprint.

The CitySolar smart bin is manufactured in Finland and made of unique galvannealed steel that significantly improves the product’s resistance to corrosion and makes the material easier to paint. CitySolar is manufactured as our own production and by utilising modern production machines. Our own paint shop ensures good control of the surface treatment process that leads to the perfect result

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Waste Management Software FinbinCare

Finbin®Care is a map-based application that utilises GPS positioning technology and makes it easy to manage the maintenance of urban furnishings and waste management on a smartphone or computer.

CityPack Smart Bin

The CityPack smart bin is the sister model of the CitySolar smart bin and fits regular, 240-litre wheeled waste containers. Option: automatic fill level notifications. No compression function.

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