Smart Bin CityPack

CitySolar is a waste-compacting smart bin that is powered by solar energy and contains unique patented technology. The compactor fits a standard 120 and 240-litre wheelie bin without any adjustments. The CitySolar wheelie bin compactor is also suitable for indoor use when powered by electricity. 


Finbin® CityPack is well suited to locations such as streets and parks where large amounts of refuse are collected but it is not necessary to compress the material.
The appearance of CityPack can be customised according to company brand colours and logo.

Also available double-sided and equipped with foot pedal.

Measurements (d,w,h)

750 x 890 x 1440 mm​

Aperture (ø)

380 x 200 mm​


72 kg

Total Capacity

Standard 240 l wheelie bin (not incl.)


Aluminium, Powder coated galvanised steel and sst


SST, Finbin Black 1945 (structural), also other RAL colours available


free standing


Bottle insert, standard 240 l wheelie bin, recycling rack for bottles and cans, ashtray, other RAL colours, concrete slab (size height 80mm, width 770 mm, Lenght 800 mm)


Lehtovuori Oy, Finland

Sustainability and Quality

CityPack is compatible with the map-based waste management application FinbinCare. 

CityPack is made of durable materials: stainless, galvanised steel and aluminium.
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