is action.


The comprehensive well-being of people.


No rubbish, only raw materials.


Business with a sustainable foundation.


People = Core of business

People are the core of our business, and employees who are comfortable at work ensure high-quality results. 

We carry our social responsibility by taking care of occupational safety and the comprehensive well-being at work of our employees.

Equality in our work community

We treat everyone equally and give everyone equal opportunities for personal growth and career development.


We believe that the best results are achieved when employees are comfortable in their work and work communities. We are committed to happiness!

The sense of community among our employees is built through all interactions, and we cherish the feeling of social cohesion.


We say no to the consumption of disposables

Our ideology is “no rubbish, only raw materials.” Our products and solutions help our customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote circular economy. 

The long life cycle and recyclability of products reduces the load on the environment and promotes sustainable development. The main material of our products is steel, the world’s most recycled material. Learn more about the materials we use.

Green innovations take us forward

We can proudly say that we create green innovations. We have developed our own geothermal heating system which makes use of the cooling energy from our production machines in order to increase our energy efficiency.

Our CitySolar smart bin works using 100% solar energy – even in our northern conditions!

Compensated carbon dioxide emissions

We have compensated our carbon dioxide emissions through carbon sinks of Finnish forests, which increase biodiversity.


Scandinavian products and investments in our own production

During 2021–2022, we have invested EUR 4.5 million in expanding our production and increasing man-years at our factory in Finland. As a result of this, in 2022 we have our field’s most modern production facility, which meets even the highest of international quality criteria. 

The Finbin products made by Finbin-Lehtovuori always originate from Finland.

Commitment to quality

We are committed to high quality and its constant improvement, which can be seen through our actions in practice. Our painting line’s quality in accordance with C4 standards is a good example of quality actions through which we exceed the level of quality this field is used to.

We have audited quality and environmental systems in use which follow ISO standards (9001/14001).

Responsible supply chain

We follow responsible procurement practices and work with responsible partners.

Our transportation partners are responsible operators whose goal is to reduce both carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution.