The outdoor litter bin models of the award-winning City® Series are easy and safe to empty and can be found at numerous international airports.  The City® outdoor bins are manufactured in Finland and made of galvannealed steel, a particularly durable material. Popular accessories for the City® outdoor bins include a hygiene flap, a recycling rack for empty cans and bottles and an ashtray.

CITY® 30

Finbin® City® is a pioneer of functional, Scandinavian design. The total capacity of the litter bin is 30 litres.

CITY® 60

The front door of the City® litter bin is hinged and locked. It is easy and safe to empty the steel inner container.

CITY® 100

The rounded shape and double surface treatment of the material improve the litter bin’s vandal and weather resistance. The total capacity of the litter bin is 100 litres.

CITY® 140

City 140 is the largest litter bin of the City series. The total capacity of the litter bin’s is 140 litres.


The impressive design of the City® Castle outdoor litter bin combines the style of the City Series with easy-to-use design and durability.

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