Wall Mounted Ashtray Ashley

The high-quality Finbin® Ashley wall mounted ashtray bin fills even the most demanding criteria for style.


Finbin® Ashley features a diagonal surface that declines towards the user, making it easier to put out cigarettes and drop them into the container. The sloped top prevents water from accessing the container and snow from piling up on the top.

The sloped top features a small aperture and a tight structure that quickly extinguishes cigarette butts and keeps smoke inside the container well. Ashley is easy to empty from its hinged and locked bottom flap.

Measurements (d,w,h)

85 x 85 x 600 mm

Aperture (Ø)

30 mm


2 kg

Total Capacity

3,5 l


1,5 mm


Stainless steel




Wall fixture (integrated)

Sustainability and Quality

The Elegant Finbin® Ashley wall mounted ashtray is suitable for demanding environments as well. Ashley is made of stainless steel.