Smart bins

Smart bins

FINBIN CitySolar & CityPack are the next-generation products for the collection of waste materials in an urban environment, one in which a large collection capacity is required on streets and in parks.


CitySolar reduces the number of required maintenance services, saves the environment and increases the cost-effectiveness of emptying activities, by decreasing the required frequency of emptying.

CitySolar & CityPack equipment are ideally applicable for general waste management logistics, as the 240 litre wheeled waste containers,  which are generally used as the inner containers of the collection equipment, can be emptied directly into the container of a waste truck or another vehicle fitted with a container tipping device.

The layout of the CitySolar & CityPack equipment can be customized, according to the environment, through the use of different colors. In addition, it is also possible to use different materials on the side panels, or even print images or textures for the panels.

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CitySolar | Solar-Powered Smart Bin

CitySolar Solar-Powered Smart Bin is suitable for locations where a large volume of material is collected and there is a desire to reduce the frequency of emptying. CitySolar is equipped with a solar-powered compression unit, which compresses the material collected in the inner container.

CityPack litter bin 240 l

CityPack is suitable for city streets and parks, where a high collection capacity is required

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