Ellipse 60

Ellipse 60

It has been called the Rolls-Royce of litter bins. Designed by Max Bruun, the prize-winning, innovative design of Finbin® Ellipse, has secured this litter bin a home in many well-known locations, such as the Dubai Metro and the City of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The slim and sleek Ellipse fits into small spaces and stays clean thanks to its curved top. The structure of the precisely dimensioned Ellipse bins is durable and stable, making the bins easy to use and maintain. The design keeps birds and rain out of the bin.Ellipse bins are made of high-quality stainless steel and galvanised powder-coated steel.




The hinged door opens sideways, unfastening the lid to facilitate maintenance. Ellipse 60 and 100 can be equipped with an ashtray placed on top of the bin for easy access. The ash container is made of stainless steel and can be emptied by opening the front door and unhooking the container. The Ellipse models accommodate most Finbin® fixtures.




Awarded for its design, Finbin® Ellipse is a stylish and durable litter bin, featuring an integrated ashtray. Ellipse bins are the choice of various international facilities that appreciate creative details and high quality, such as hotels, metro stations, reception facilities, airports, government agencies, venues, railway stations and business premises


Technical Information

Product number


Measurements (w*d*h)

450*350*710mm, 930 with base

Aperture (w*h)

300*140 mm


20 kg


40 l


Powder coated galvanised steel and sst EN 1.4301


2 mm


- Stainless steel
- Finbin Black 1945 (structured)
- RAL 6005/7024/9005/9006
- DB703 (structured)


Max Bruun


- Metal base
- Post and wall mount
- In-ground concrete base and post
- Integrated ashtray


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