Robomat 250 Litter Bin

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Finbin® Robomat is a litter bin that is specifically designed for service stations and can be equipped with an absorption container.


The litter bins of the Finbin® Robomat Series have been manufactured in Finland where Robomat has become the standard litter bin at almost every service station.
Both sides of the container have apertures with protective flaps that close. The front of Robomat is hinged and opens to the side. The refuse sack inside the bin (100–150 litres) is easy to change and attach to the refuse sack liner. The container stands freely on the ground. The legs of the container have holes and the can be fixed to the base surface.
The towel rack of Robomat is attached on the container. The hand towel roll is pulled out from the bottom aperture. The filling flap of the hand towel roll is locked.

Measurements (d,w,h)

438 x 570 x 1200 mm


45 kg

Total Capacity

200 l


Powder coated galvanised steel


1,25 / 2 mm


RAL 9010




Lehtovuori Oy, Finland


Finbin® Robomat endures demanding use, blends in well in the building fronts or service station fuel dispenser areas and can be customised according to the company brand image.
Robomat is made of powder-coated steel. Robomat is a free-standing container that can be fixed to the ground with bolts.

Designed and Manufactured in Finland