Waste Management Software Finbin Care

Waste Management Software Finbin Care

Map locations – maintenance requests are sent by smartphone

Finbin®Care waste management software is a cloud-based service that can be accessed online with a smartphone or computer. The service does not require any software installation.
Finbin®Care displays the basic information of furniture and equipment, their location on the map and any relevant notifications. It also enables the scheduling of maintenance activities.

Finbin®Care allows your main user to send service requests and fault notifications from their smartphone to the person in charge of maintenance.
Furniture and equipment can also be assigned to specific service areas so that the service requests and notifications are e-mailed directly to the appropriate person. The application can also be used to schedule periodic maintenance.
Finbin®Care makes waste management more efficient and reduces the carbon footprint.

Waste management software for municipalities and real-estate companies

Finbin®Care is a user-friendly system for the management of urban furniture and waste that is well suited for cities or real-estate companies, for example.
It identifies furniture and equipment based on the smartphone readable NFC/QR tags attached to them. The location of furniture and equipment registered in the system is always known.
Finbin®Care can also be used to include end-users in waste management. For example, you can choose to allow end-users to submit a request for emptying litter bins through their own smartphone.  
Finbin®Care helps maintain and locate on the map a large volume of furniture and equipment, such as outdoor benches, litter bins, light poles, bicycle racks, shelters and playground equipment. If required, end-users can be allowed to make a request for furniture repair or litter bin emptying using their own smartphones.

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