Finbin® Novus, designed by Yrjö Ojanen, is a modern and durable litter bin that is easy to empty and comes in four sizes. Novus is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The three largest models are also available as double-sided bins. The Novus 80, 120 and 200 models can also be equipped with a side-mounted ashtray.

Novus 50 Litter Bin

The smallest model of the Finbin® Novus series can also be mounted on the wall. The Novus bins have several fixing options.

Novus 80

The wide aperture of the Finbin® Novus bins makes them easy to use. The door opens to the front and can be locked, making it easy to empty the bin.

Novus 120 Litter Bin

The design of the 120-litre Finbin® Novus litter bin is similar with the rest of the models of the series. The sloped top prevents users from leaving waste and cigarette butts on top of the bin. The top also dries quickly after rain.

Novus 120 Double-sided Litter Bin

The double-sided version of Finbin® Novus 120 is easy to use.

Novus 200 Litter Bin

The 200-litre model of Finbin® Novus is suitable for busy urban areas, such as parks and city centres.

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